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Team Viget - Space Odyssey
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About 5 years ago, our then-tiny design team decided to take recruiting our next great designer into their own hands. They created teamviget.com as a place to show off why a designer would love to work at Viget -- the culture, the team, the work -- all described with a designer in mind. It was a simple site, but thanks to some nifty interactions it got some love on various galleries, and served us well. We've grown!

HTML5 usage:

More recently, with guidance from Tom (design director) and Emily (recruiting), Minh (designer) and Trevor (front-end developer) put their heads together and got it done. Minh created an amazing illustration as the foundation for the site.

Trevor worked his front-end magic, making the interactions fun and responsive. He also hooked it into ExpressionEngine so that Emily (and others) can share our adventures directly whenever they'd like.

We had fun building it. We hope you like it and that you'll keep an eye on new stories as we add them -- it seems like there's a new adventure over here almost every day.

Technology Used:


HTML5 Browser Optimized for:

chrome firefox internetexplorer

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