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Best Online Courses to Learn HTML


HTML5 Tutorials

While it is possible to create websites in the modern era using content management systems (CMS) like WordPress and website builder platforms like Shopify, it never hurts to learn the cornerstones of those web development tools, especially if you ever want to add your own custom functionality to your websites. What’s more, not every CMS or website template works exactly as advertised and support is often lacking when a problem is uncovered. Knowing some basic HTML scripting can help resolve some of these problems, though, admittedly, most often you will need to know some cascading style sheets (CSS), JavaScript, and even PHP.

HTML serves many purposes, but its main function is for web development and web design. Learning HTML5 can also help you develop mobile apps, video games, eBooks, and more applications than just regular HTML. From a career point of view, having HTML as part of your language pack (meaning the number of languages that you know) is very helpful, especially if you work a lot with web applications or intend to be a full-stack developer.

Top Online Courses to Learn HTML for Beginners

Normally when we post career development articles for developers we try to focus on one specific language; for instance, if we are covering C# programming courses, we tend to stick to those classes that focus primarily on C# and not language derivatives like C or C++. With HTML, that is not as simple of a task, as HTML goes hand in hand with other web development languages and technologies. It is difficult to find a straight HTML course that does not also cover CSS, JavaScript, or even PHP. Additionally, HTML is fairly finite when compared to a real programming language like Python; while there are plenty of HTML tags and attributes to learn, the bread and butter (as it were) can be learned fairly quickly.

All of that is to say that most of the online courses to learn HTML listed below will include other languages or scripting languages. Just consider it a bonus and one more way to add value to your career.

Introduction to HTML5 from Coursera

The Introduction to HTML5 class from Coursera is targeted to beginners who have little to no knowledge with regards to how a web page is built, much less how it functions. Basic web development with HTML concepts will be covered, including how to create hyperlinks of varying types, how to add images, paragraphs, and other standard web page elements. Further, students will learn an important and often overlooked element to modern web design, and that is what accessibility means for a website and how to design with accessibility in mind.

By the end of this HTML course, students will create a simple HTML5 websites. No bells and whistles, but a simple website that will start as a great launching point to lead you into more intermediate-level HTML courses. Further, this class is actually part of a larger series called Web Design for Everybody: Basics of Web Developer and Coding Specialization, which teaches further HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

To sign up for this HTML class, visit its page at Coursera: Introduction to HTML5.

Introduction to Accessible Web Development from Coursera

The Introduction to Accessible Web Development course from Coursera makes our list because it focuses on a particular aspect of web design, making it more of an HTML specialization course. As mentioned in the previous course above, accessibility is oft-overlooked in web design. This HTML class tries to make sure that does not happen, as it takes on the topic directly.

Students will learn the basics of accessible web development by creating a newsletter sign-up page. Part of that process will be to look at various assistive technology devices to see how they assist with the interpretation of websites and code. Elements of semantic HTML, web design methods for proper visual styling and how to apply accessibility properties to web components, and the use of WAI-ARIA to create custom accessible web elements will all be covered as well.

To sign up for this online beginner HTML course, visit its page on Coursera: Introduction to Accessible Web Development.

Modern HTML & CSS From The Beginning (Including Sass) from Udemy

The Modern HTML & CSS From The Beginning (Including Sass) course from Udemy is a very comprehensive beginning web development courses. It is include in our beginning HTML class section, despite the fact that it covers CSS3 and Flex, because it takes the approach of teaching would be web developers and web designers the very basics of how to create web pages and web applications.

You will learn the fundamentals of HTML5 semantic layout, HTML5 syntax and tags, how websites really work behind the scenes, the foundations of CSS, how to work with Flex and Flex grids, and even intermediate CSS techniques like working with CSS variables, transitions, dropdowns, and overlays.

Another cool topic this HTML course covers that we feel a lot of other classes skip over is how to actually host a website and deploy your HTML files and assets with File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and Git. That, in itself, could be a beginner course all its own.

The course is 21 hours long and comes with a “Certificate of Completion”. You can sign up by visiting its Udemy listing: Modern HTML & CSS From The Beginning (Including Sass).

Best Intermediate and Advances Online HTML Courses

The HTML courses in the next section may not start off at the intermediate or advanced level, but they do end up in that arena. Since the courses are on-demand, students can skip over more basic sections if they do not want to review the fundamentals of web design or basic HTML and HTML5 syntax.

Zero to Hero HTML5 Game Developer Bundle from TechRepublic Academy

The Zero to Hero HTML5 Game Developer Bundle is a course with a purpose, which we love to see. It is not just about teaching HTML or HTML5 syntax – it is about teaching you how to build a game from the ground up.

The bundle is more than a simple class – in fact, it is made up of 8 separate courses, all building on basic game development design principles. A really good bonus here occurs in the very first course, which guides students through the process of making a game using the Python programming language. That, in itself, makes this course worth it. The course after that tackles HTML5 game game development, once again from scratch. From there, the bundle pivots into real-time web development and game programming.

Next up, students will learn how to create JavaScript pages that are interactive and get an intro to the DOM (Document Object Model) API. This is where things get interesting, because the final four courses cover real game development. You will work with Phaser to build a Tower Defense style game, create a mobile game, and, finally, craft your very own Super Mario Brothers inspired platformer game with Phaser 3.

To sign-up for this course, visit its page on TechRepublic Academy: Zero to Hero HTML5 Game Developer Bundle.

The Ultimate Web Developer & Designer Super Bundle from TechRepublic Academy

The The Ultimate Web Developer & Designer Super Bundle deserve the title “Ultimate” just by the sheer number of things it will teach prospective web developer and web designers. It consists of a whopping 14 courses, each fully capable of being standalones.

The first class covers front-end web design with JavaScript and transitions nicely into the second course, which acts as a website Q&A session for would-be web designers, covering frequently asked questions regarding the elements of good web design. While its placement in the course structure may seem off, the third section looks at HTML and is a true beginner’s guide to HTML coding and syntax.

After learning the basics of HTML, JavaScript, and web design principles, Intermediate HTML is taught. Of course, the academy would be remiss if it left out cascading style sheets (CSS), and so courses 5, 6, and 7 look at basic CSS, intermediate CSS, and how to perform responsive web design for mobile-friendly websites with CSS.

From there, students will explore how websites work, web development fundamentals, and HTML5 coding elements like how to use Canvas to create games and other projects. A fun follow-up up to that class is a revisit to JavaScript, where you will create 5 fun word games, then code a JavaScript math game from scratch.

Finally, all of this newfound knowledge would be worthless if you just sit on it, so the last HTML course in this bundle teaches you how to get a job as a web developer, prepping you for web developer interview questions, web design portfolio preparation, and much more.

Sign-up for this course by visiting its page on Technology Academy: The Ultimate Web Developer & Designer Super Bundle.

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Ronnie Payne
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