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Sellzone Marketing Tool for Amazon Review

When marketers and online store owners think of marketing, the conversation typically revolves around putting efforts into search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, and content strategy. Other avenues, like paid search and local SEO are also often employed. Thinking in those terms – and executing those strategies – requires the use of SEO tools and digital marketing software, such as SEMRush or Leaping Frog.

If you sell products through Amazon or an Amazon storefront, you will want to branch out from traditional SEO software and look at Amazon marketing tools, which target Amazon specifically. Among those tools, which admittedly are limited, is a new piece of Amazon marketing software, Sellzone, that promises to help increase sales, conversions, and make product research easier. In this Internet marketing tutorial, we will be reviewing Sellzone, looking at is pros and cons, and discussing its features for online store vendors.

What Is Sellzone?

Sellzone – which used to be named Sellerly – is a bundle of marketing tools designed specifically to help manage and optimize Amazon product listings. The aim of the Amazon marketing software is to help vendors grow revenue, boost visibility, ramp up traffic, and improve the overall performance of their Amazon stores.

This Amazon tool, as stated, is not new in the world of digital marketing. In fact, the markers of Sellzone have a long and renowned history in the SEO tool world, as the software was created by the same team that brought us SEMRush (read our Review of SEMRush). As stated, the marketing solution is actually a group of tools that include:

  • Keyword Wizard: For product keyword research and optimization.
    Sellzone Keyword Wizard
  • Listing Quality Check: Used to check product listings for incomplete entries, errors, and to ensure they follow Amazon Guidelines.
    Sellzone Listing Quality
  • Listing Alerts: Alerts vendors if there is a problem with an item listing.
    Sellzone Listing Alerts
  • PPC Optimizer: A tool used to optimize Amazon advertising campaigns and makes adjustments campaigns for each new sale.
    Sellzone PPC Optimizer
  • Product Research: Find out which products are the best to sell on Amazon, learn about product demand, calculate fees, profits, and highest potential ROI for products.
    Sellzone Amazon Product Research Tool
  • Split Testing: Test product listings to improve descriptions, images, and elements to find out which content works best for converting customers.
    Sellzone Split Test for Amazon stores
  • Traffic Insights: An analytical tool for evaluating Amazon traffic channels for better marketing strategies.
    Sellzone Traffic Insights for Amazon

What Are the Benefits of Sellzone Amazon Marketing Tool?

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world, and, as such, seller’s on the e-commerce platform face stiff competition. Properly optimizing your Amazon store and product listings is key to getting your wares in front of potential customers. Other vendors on Amazon are aware of this, naturally, and you can rest assured they will be putting their efforts towards the same goal. Using a tool like Sellzone can help vendors overcome their competitors and ensure shoppers find your products – and, more importantly – purchase them.

One of the biggest benefits of using Sellzone for your Amazon marketing is that it has a built-in tool that lets you “spy” on your competitors. With this feature, you can uncover where your rival’s converting customers and audience are coming from. With this knowledge in hand, you can mimic their tactics to increase your own conversions and reduce the number of abandoned carts.

Split testing and other tests allow you to easily identify what listing strategies are working and which are not, so you can get the most bang out of your marketing efforts. Sellzone’s analytics are pretty solid and provide plenty of insight into how visitors interact with your listings and store in general.

Since Sellzone was created by the marketing experts behind the SEMRush SEO tool, there is a certain degree of security and support, as the company’s reputation precedes itself.

What are the Pros of Sellzone for Amazon Marketing?

Sellzone has a number of pros for Amazon vendors. For starters, the tool helps marketers dwindle down the list of possible products to sell, making it easy to find in-demand products by reviewing popular search phrases and patterns in different categories.

Another important pro to use Sellzone is the fact that it can be used to audit product listings to ensure they are optimized with proper keywords and error free. This benefit alone is worth the price of admission, as it can help you garner a leg-up on the competition.

What are the Cons of Sellzone?

Despites is many benefits, Sellzone does currently have one important flaw: Sellzone only works with the United States Amazon Marketplace.

How Much Does Sellzone Cost?

Sellzone has three pricing options for those who are curious about Sellzone’s pricing structure. The first option is the Free version, which, as the name implies, does not cost a thing. It comes with unlimited split tests for listings, a free course to learn how to use the Amazon marketing tool, one product to display Amazon ads against, 100 keywords for research, and views into ASIN external traffic analytics.

The Growth plan is available for $50 per month. It comes with every feature the Free option includes, listing quality checks, listing protection alerts, unlimited keywords, the ability to export lists of keywords, Amazon PPC campaigns, and reporting tools for both Amazon and Google traffic sources.

Sellzone’s Pro plan costs $80 per month and includes everything the Growth option does, plus your own personal account manager, personal onboarding, and an increase in the number of listing checks from the Listing Protection feature.

You can learn more or sign-up by visiting the Sellzone Amazon marketing tool’s page:



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Ronnie Payne
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