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Pulse is a news aggregate site built on HTML5. All of the news content available on Pulse is content to which Pulse receives via partnerships, content via APIs or content that is publicly available. Pulse.me received funding and tech help from Microsoft with the goal of demonstrating how IE 10 on Windows 8 can look, and how responsive design can be. Pulse.me is a fully HTML 5 coded news website making it great for both tablets, smartphones or desktops and was designed and responds intuitively to multi-touch gestures.

HTML5 usage:

Pulse is built with a mixture of backbone.js/Django/YepNope.js. The old ways of packaging your static resources are not optimal for single page apps. Using yepnope.js you can load all of these files asynchronously and speed up load times for the core of your app. At Pulse we lowered our bandwidth use and sped up our initial load times through the use of asynchronous resource loading. One of most unique features of Pulse is the automatic syncing of user's sources across all their devices.

Pulse.me integrates with your Pulse account or Facebook login, making sign-up relatively painless. Because stories are saved on the web, you can return to your reading list on any number of devices including iDevices, Android, Tablets, and Desktop systems, all share a consistent experience.

Technology Used:


HTML5 Browser Optimized for:

chrome safari internetexplorer

Device Optimized for:

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