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Development on globalDoodle started in October 2010, launching a 6 week beta testing period in March 2011. The launch team consisted of Helmut Eder & Neil Domselaar.

globalDoodle is a website where people can draw, either individually or collaboratively in real time, on a giant, digital piece of paper measuring 16 km??. Designed by Helmut Eder and Neil Domselaar, the site went live in May 2011. It does not require a registration or log-in and allows people to express what they feel. The designs can be locked or left open for others to contribute to. Each design has a unique code so it can easily be found and shared. Inspiration for globalDoodle came from the thought of "getting everyone on the same page" and allowing artistic [removed]and scribbles as well) to be shared with the world.

HTML5 usage:

One of the characteristics that sets globalDoodle apart is the use of the HTML5 standard to allow drawing natively in the browser without the need for browser plug-ins.

Technology Used:


HTML5 Browser Optimized for:


Device Optimized for:



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