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Dailymotion is a video sharing site with over 114 million unique monthly visitors and 1.2 billion video views worldwide. The provide content from users, independent content creators and premium partners. Using the most advanced technology for both users and content creators, they provide high-quality and HD video in a fast, easy-to-use online service that also automatically filters infringing material as notified by content owners. They offer over 32 localized versions.

HTML5 usage:

Being a video sharing site, it makes sense that Dailymotion would be reviewing updated ways to display videos. As such, a beta page has been created to use HTML5 as a means of presenting videos. In addition to simply displaying a video, Dailymotion has gone a few steps farther.

Using HTML5 to display the video combined with other HTML5 and CSS3 elements, all sorts of nifty effets and gadgets become possible. Dailymotion includes a few buttons on their site to show these features. This includes the ability to take a snapshot out of a video, to show snapshots of each frame, to overlay a video on top of another video, and using a canvas element, to rip a video apart (explode it) and let each piece continue to play.

While some of these effects don't seem to have major business applications, they do make for very cool visual effects.

HTML5 is used because it takes advantage of improved standards, making it easier to build websites that are better. It provides rich interactions, layout and page structure, audio and video, and cross-browser compatibility. For Dailymotion, the addition of the video element within HTML5 was very exciting. Prior to the <video tag, third-party plug-ins had to be installed in order to watch streaming video. Now, using modern browsers video can be played "right out of the box." No extra downloads, plug-ins or messing around is required to watch video. An additional benefit is that some browsers can tap into the machine's graphics card to render the video. This provides hardware acceleration that can make for a smoother video playback.

Technology Used:


HTML5 Browser Optimized for:

chrome firefox opera safari internetexplorer

Device Optimized for:



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