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Afonso Barros
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This is the personal site of Afonso Barros, a Multimedia Developer based in Lisbon with all his experience and latest work information, as well as his personal touch in the website´s “universe”. The full window Canvas site features 2D and 3D animations , writing and drawing with dynamic particles, a 3D carrousel and Geolocalization translated into 3D coordenates.

HTML5 usage:

This site was built using both easel.js and three.js frameworks. As well as Krasimir´s EventBus.js and Tweenlite.js

As a Flash developer, this was the best way to dive into the world of HTML5 and a fastest way to develop. This was actually a personal challenge: To dive into HTML5 and try to push the limits of what can be visually interesting and functional using mainly Javascript as a single page site. Transitions were a priority, and all must work well together, to get the users attention.

So a small framework was created based on Javascript Object Inheritance and Events, so I wouldn’t need to waste much time in each section. The background and the menu are listening to events and react according to it.

Technology Used:


HTML5 Browser Optimized for:

chrome firefox internetexplorer

Device Optimized for:



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