Saturday, June 3, 2023

HTMLGoodies Community Mentors: Introduction

Our Goal:

To provide help to new and intermediate level web designers and developers in a series of different categories.

Our Request:

We ask that you please consider the following points before you request help from our Mentors:

  • Please research your question thoroughly before requesting help. Many of your questions can probably be found somewhere on this site or in or FAQ pages listed below.

  • Please make your questions as precise as possible. If you have written code that is causing you an error please include the code.

  • Please send all of your emails as plain text. Some of our Mentors cannot receive HTML emails.

Our Thanks:

Each of our Mentors volunteers their time. We would like to thank each of them for their generous contributions.

Your Opinion:

Let us know what you think. We welcome your thoughts and opinions on our Mentor Community. Please email us at and let us know how we are doing.


Community Categories:

(Click on a category below to email a question to our Mentors)


Click here to meet our ASP Mentors


Click here to meet our CSS Mentors

Web Design

Click here to meet our Web Design Mentors


Click here to meet our DHTML Mentors


Click here to meet our HTML Mentors


Click here to meet our JavaScript Mentors


Click here to meet our Perl Mentors


Click here to meet our PHP Mentors

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