HTMLGoodies Community Mentors: PHP

By Vince Barnes


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Meet Our PHP Mentors


I have been programming in PHP for a little over a year now, off and on. Areas of knowledge include Mysql database interaction, form processing, and so on. I also provide support with PHP for a gaming network, so I am familiar with many common problems.

Scott Elliot:

I started programming HTML pages when I was nine. My brother had built a webpage before me and told me to go to HTML Goodies to learn how to. After a few years I kinda got bored of just building simple web pages and got a version of Flash 4 a couple of years ago. I wanted to build a chat for me and my friends to go on some times. I tried to learn CGI and PERL but learnt that there was a better thing out there (well, at least its simpler), PHP. So, I went out and rented the domain name www.rednetwork.ca (.ca stands for Canada) and got hosted at www.hostica.com, which gave me the PHP needed to hook flash up to the server. Now I've found that PHP and Flash is all I ever use for web pages, it is so much easier to draw a table with making a loop than all the <TD> and <TR> flags, it allows quick and easy server side stuff, and the best part of all, it isn't from Microsoft (which is completely evil). I'm also into the C++ (especially OpenGL) stuff, so if you have questions about it, I'll try to answer the best I can (I'm not really an expert).

Ryan Lukasik:

I've been doing web design since about 1997, self taught from books and sites like HTMLgoodies. I started learning PHP a couple of years ago and have done a few websites that have since gone under (and in spite of what various friends like to tell me, I don't think it ever had anything to do with the design...).

Rich Barton:

I'm 22 years old, and I'm currently working as a web developer in the UK, using PHP & MySQL to build dynamic web pages. I've been designing web sites since 1998, and started using PHP in March 2001. Even though I've used PHP on a daily basis since then, I still feels like I only know a fraction of its functionality and flexibility; it really is that powerful. Having said that, I'll try my best to answer your PHP questions, and I hope I can help you to better understand and implement PHP.

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