HTMLGoodies Community Mentors: Perl

By Vince Barnes


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Meet Our Perl Mentors

Shane Bauer:

I live in Baltimore,Maryland U.S. I work at Black & Decker as a Web application developer. I started to develop web-related projects at the age of 13. I currently have experience in ASP(w/vbscript and jscript),PHP,Perl,XML,Java,VB,SQL and others.

Beth Davis:

I'm a 22-year-old senior in Computer Science and Mathematics at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I also co-op at a local plastics manufacturer as their computer technician. My love affair with computers began when I was nine with my Apple II; it continued through my Commodore 64/128 and then to my IBM machines. Currently, I'm working on a Win32 port of Apache-SSL; maybe it can be my senior project. With over five years experience with C, assembly language and Perl, I can help you turn that hellacious piece of code into the clean, efficient script/program you want it to be.

Tim Arrowsmith:

I have been programming computers for over 20 years and has worked for Kodak, Global Crossing, Gizmo.com and a host of other small companies. I currently run my own company (www.websavvysolutions.com) specializing in website hosting, design, and database programming. I am a U of R graduate, married with one child and I live in upstate New York.

Marilyn Schlagel:

I started in the IT industry in 1975 working in Data Entry. Soon this became not enough for me and started to learn to operate the computers and eventually programming. After working in the IT field for 15 years at a major corporation, I decided that web development was my future. After going back to school and working here and there, I started my own company, Moonlighting Web Design.

I have used the following tools in much of my work, but still find myself writing HTML code manually. Actually, sometimes it is just faster for me.

HTML, FrontPage2000, Dreamweaver, Homesite, Javascript, Perl & CGI scripting,
Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, MS-PhotoDraw, Macromedia Flash, FTP software programs

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