HTMLGoodies Community Mentors: JavaScript

By Vince Barnes


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Meet Our JavaScript Mentors

AJ Dyke:

I am a Software Development Engineer specializing in web application development and graphic design. I currently work for Identitech, Inc. (enterprise knowledge management/integration software) and also own and operate i-Finity, LLC (website design). I live and work in Central Florida, although I regularly work with customers throughout the US and internationally.

I am an expert in JavaScript, HTML/DHTML, ASP, ASP.Net, and many other languages. I have created websites on both Unix and Windows NT/2000 servers and have designed and integrated with databases such as MS SQL Server, MS Access and MySQL (unix).

As a side project, I help run an internet radio station dedicated to my favorite band... Dave Matthews Band! I designed the website using ASP.Net and an MSSQL 2000 database (Photoshop for the graphics). Check it out at http://www.dmbtree.com/dmbcast/.

Walter Bamberger:

I discovered the internet a few years ago as an economical way to keep in touch with my daughter when her USN husband was posted to Hawaii.
I found out my ISP included 5MB of free (No ads) web space in their fee and launched http://www3.nb.sympatico.ca/wallyweb/index.html aka wallyweb.

I became a consumate hobbyist in website design, learning and experimenting with HTML, JavaScript, DHTML, CSS, the DOM and (ugh) cross-browser scripting, as well as GIF and JPG/JPEG imaging.
I work with and try to design to Netscape 4.79, Netscape 6.2, Opera 6 and Internet Explorer 5.5
I have previous experience in mentoring and peer counseling in other fields.

Jim Young:

I am a Senior Programmer Analyst at a hospital in Michigan. I have over 15 years experience in Information Systems. Most of my experience has been on Mainframe applications. The last three years I have concentrated on learning HTML, JavaScript and Website Design in general. I am currently learning Perl and Java to expand my knowledge and job skills.

C.L. Smith:

I have a BSCIS (1999) and AASE (1994) from DeVry Institute of Technology. Self taught in HTML and JavaScript using Joe's books and the HTML Goodies website. Took a course in CGI Programming for the Web from Georgia Perimeter College Online (2000). I currently work with computer systems and networking and maintain an internal web server using HTML, JavaScript and CGI. I have worked with HTML for over 5 years, over 4 years with JavaScript and about 1 year with Perl/CGI. I enjoy a good challenge and get great satisfaction from teaching/helping others.

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