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  • 8 Responsive Design Mistakes to Avoid

    In this article we look at 8 responsive design mistakes to avoid. Doing so will help you build better sites.

  • Filtering IFrame Content using jQuery

    The iFrame element may be used to display just about any Web content. You have complete control over embedded content, thanks to the Document Object Model. In today's article, Rob Gravelle shows how to reuse your own site content by embedding it in an iFrame and then filtering out the relevant parts using jQuery.

  • Adding Patterns and Animations to HTML5 Progress Bars

    The addition of the Progress element to the HTML5 spec has opened a whole new avenue for providing visual feedback on long-running tasks. Rob Gravelle show how to employ advanced CSS3 properties to do things that Web developers could once only dream of.

  • Using CSS to Make a Visually Consistent Cross-browser HTML5 Progress Bar

    Some people have pointed out that the Progress Bar element looks very different across browsers. In today's article, Rob Gravelle explains not only how to give the Progress Bar element a consistent appearance across browsers, but how to make it look awesome!

  • A Peek Inside the CSS Text Decoration Specification

    In this article, web developers will learn about CSS3 support for text decoration as laid out in the CSS3 specification.

  • HTML and Graphics Tutorials

  • How to Create Lightbox Popups in WordPress

    In this article we look at Lightbox popups using a WordPress plugin and a AWeber, a popular autoresponder program.

  • 8 Rules to Follow When Using TWAIN for Your Image Capture Web App

    This article will touch upon the history of TWAIN and its wide use before diving into developer planning considerations. With a focus on developing image capturing applications to use within web-based document management applications, the article will uncover 8 rules for TWAIN-based application development.

  • Adobe Photoshop to Edge Reflow Tips and Tricks

    In this article we continue our exploration of Photoshop CC, Edge Reflow CC and the new Generator plugin with the intention of quickly exporting web layouts from Photoshop into Reflow in a web ready format. As you'll see, the process needs some work.

  • Beyond HTML

  • Testing DOM Events Using jQuery and Jasmine 2.0

    Jasmine makes it possible to test that a given DOM event occurred and what the results of the event were. In today's article, Rob Gravelle demonstrates how to write tests for the button click event using Jasmine 2.0, jQuery, and an additional third-party library called jasmine-jquery.

  • 10 Essential Web Design Strategies

    In this article we look at 10 design strategies for the web. Since the web is changing all the time, designers and developers must adapt. Here, we cover some of the current and past design practices.

  • Primers

  • 8 Responsive Design Mistakes to Avoid

    In this article we look at 8 responsive design mistakes to avoid. Doing so will help you build better sites.

  • 15 Responsive Design Tips

    In this article we look at 15 responsive design tips, all designed to help speed-up your workflow and to create functional sites which load quickly.

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