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  • New Goodies

  • Working with Regular Expressions in your HTML5 Forms

    In this article, we will learn about the most powerful validation available in HTML5 – the power of regular expressions.

  • Understanding How HTML5 Validation Works

    In this article, we take a look at how and when the data validation process works in the with HTML5 and JavaScript, and will learn about support for validation in HTML5 powered web pages.

  • 7 Tips to Make Your Websites Load Faster

    One of the most important considerations of building websites is to make sure they load quickly. Before you begin to optimize your site(s), it´s important to see how well they are functioning, in this story, Nathan explores 7 very useful tips for insuring this practice.

  • Create a Java EE Web Application using the Glassfish Server

    Not long after Java first released Java Beans, the Spring Framework was introduced. Now, Oracle, the makers of Java, have fought back with the EJB 3.1 spec. Rob Gravelle demonstrates how to create a Java EE application project and configure a Glassfish server in the Eclipse IDE.

  • Drag & Drop List Items Between DIVS using jQuery

    If you've ever completed on online survey there's a good chance that you've encountered a question that asks you to choose some personality traits from a column and drag them over to a box. Rob Gravelle explains how it's done using a combination of Drag & Drop and element sorting.

  • HTML and Graphics Tutorials

  • How to Create Lightbox Popups in WordPress

    In this article we look at Lightbox popups using a WordPress plugin and a AWeber, a popular autoresponder program.

  • 8 Rules to Follow When Using TWAIN for Your Image Capture Web App

    This article will touch upon the history of TWAIN and its wide use before diving into developer planning considerations. With a focus on developing image capturing applications to use within web-based document management applications, the article will uncover 8 rules for TWAIN-based application development.

  • Adobe Photoshop to Edge Reflow Tips and Tricks

    In this article we continue our exploration of Photoshop CC, Edge Reflow CC and the new Generator plugin with the intention of quickly exporting web layouts from Photoshop into Reflow in a web ready format. As you'll see, the process needs some work.

  • Beyond HTML

  • Testing DOM Events Using jQuery and Jasmine 2.0

    Jasmine makes it possible to test that a given DOM event occurred and what the results of the event were. In today's article, Rob Gravelle demonstrates how to write tests for the button click event using Jasmine 2.0, jQuery, and an additional third-party library called jasmine-jquery.

  • 10 Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Sites

    WordPress is one of the most popular CMS’s (Content Management Systems) available and is widely used by many users. Unfortunately, a large variety of those users don’t realize that a slow site can cost them, not only in performance but loss of viewers. Here are ten things you can do to speed up your WordPress site.

  • Primers

  • 8 Responsive Design Mistakes to Avoid

    In this article we look at 8 responsive design mistakes to avoid. Doing so will help you build better sites.

  • 15 Responsive Design Tips

    In this article we look at 15 responsive design tips, all designed to help speed-up your workflow and to create functional sites which load quickly.

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