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  • Practical Guidelines for Monetizing your Website using Referrals

    There's more to making money online than building a website and throwing a few ads on it. Rob Gravelle shows you the right way to use referral links on your websites.

  • The Top Three Most Common WordPress Errors - and How to Fix Them

    In WordPress (WP), even the tiniest of errors can result in a white screen. Rob Gravelle describes the top three WordPress errors and offers tips on how to combat them.

  • Make Site Content Available Offline using Service Workers

    More versatile that the maligned AppCache, the Service Worker gives control over caching and how requests are handled to the developer. Rob Gravelle describes how to implement our own application cache using a Service Worker.

  • 7 HTML Tricks To Use In WordPress

    WordPress is by far the most powerful open source blogging and content management system available online today making a working knowledge of its intricacies a must for any developer or designer. In this article, Drew Hendricks discusses 7 HTML tricks to use in WordPress to give your site a boost.

  • The HTML5 Spec: What's In and What's Out?

    Android has provided several specialized classes for parsing JSON ever since API level 1. Rob Gravelle explains how to use Android's JSON classes to load a JSON data set into memory and work with its contents.

  • Asynchronous Programming in ECMAScript 6

    Released in 2015, ECMAScript 6 standardizes the usage of promises. Rob Gravelle shows us how to use promises to have our functions return their results asynchronously.

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  • Activity: So you want to Build and Deploy a Web App to the Cloud – at low-to-no cost

    In this activity you’ll learn how to build a Web App using the free Visual Studio Community 2015 Edition along with Microsoft Azure. First, you’ll learn how Azure App Service is an approach to hosting a Web App or application in a manner that can scale and adapt as your needs grow. The Activity will walk you through setting up an Azure trial account and then setting up the simple website on Azure.

  • Leverage Your HTML5 Savvy to Build Commercial, Cross-Platform Apps and Games

    An unexpected player has entered the fray with a tool that makes HTML5 mobile development easy while also directly addressing some of the shortcomings of Web technologies in mobile apps. See a demonstration of how quickly you can begin creating your own apps using HTML5.

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  • Top UI Design Blunders

    The road to a perfect User Interface (UI for short) is akin to immortality and like immortality, there’s a long way to go.  Check out the top 8 blunders along that path. 

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