The definitive reference for the HTML 4.01 specification.

  • HTML4 Reference

  • A Brief History of HTML

    Interest in and use of the Web has been expanding at a phenomenal rate. As the Web grows, so must its vehicle of communication, HTML. Read the history of the web's basic language.

  • Deprecated Tags in HTML 4.0

    Although not quite 'unsupported', tags that are 'deprecated' are not recommended for use. Here's a discussion of recently deprecated tags and what to use instead.

  • Internationalization

    Despite its name, the World Wide Web has had some difficulty reaching out past the Western languages and alphabets. Read more about the issue here!

  • Obsolete Tags in HTML 4.0

    Obsolete tags have been removed from the HTML specification. While browsers may still support obsolete tags, there is no guarantee that this support will continue. Read on to find out the skinny!

  • What's Different in HTML 4.0

    In order to keep up with (or try to) the rapidly changing world of HTML, we present here the changes between HTML 3.2 and HTML 4.0.

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