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Tips for Content Marketing in 2022

Do you want to grow your online presence and increase revenue without emptying your wallet for paid ads? Then you need a solid content marketing strategy in place.  Below are some tips you can use to help your content marketing endeavors.

Content Marketing Tips

If you are a content marketer, website owner, Internet Marketer, or web developer, you may find yourself being overwhelmed by the sheer number of ways to market your content to the world and your audience. To help you focus a little, we have gathered some of the best content marketing tips we could think of and have included them in this article.

Demonstrate Authority

To build trust and generate a following, you need to demonstrate that you’re an authority in your field. But it’s not just your visitors that will look for your authority on a subject, as Google will too.

To increase visibility and expand your reach atop the SERPs, you’ll need to show Google you’re a reputable figure by pleasing their Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (EAT) algorithm. 

You can do so by creating content that showcases your skills, or you can use others as leverage.

For example, you can interview or cross-promote with top influencers in your industry or offer them guest posts on your site. You can also reach out to well-known podcasts, review sites, magazines, and video channels and use their existing authority to grow yours.

Beyond creating quality content and collaborating with others, use any professional titles, credentials, or social proof you have to your advantage. Make sure they’re visible on any social media profiles and your website to build instant trust.

Show Your Human Side

Even though you may be creating content for a brand or a business, realize that your audience wants to know there’s a human behind it all. Don’t be afraid to get personal, as it’s an effective way to establish a connection and build rapport and trust. How personal you get is up to you, but the more human you appear and relatable you become, the better.

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Start Live Streaming

Going “live” is great because it doesn’t take a ton of time-consuming and costly production, plus it puts a human touch on your brand. As long as you have a phone with a camera and an Internet connection, you can go live to connect with your loyal and potential audience.

Even though many feel as if live streaming isn’t professional enough, it works wonders at making you appear more human, relatable, and approachable. It also lets your audience engage with you directly and instantly, which can give you the most bang for your buck when compared to other forms of content. Add in the fact that a live stream can trigger a fear of missing out, and it’s an excellent way to get the immediate visibility you desire with little work.

To add live streaming to your content marketing strategy, try teaching a short lesson on a topic you specialize in or do a quick question and answer session. You can also do a mini-seminar, and once you’re finished, you can use a recording of the video for other purposes.

If you need a nudge to incorporate live streaming into your content catalog, know this: According to Facebook, Instagram and its own Live videos get 10x the comments and are watched three times longer than pre-recorded content.

Leverage the Power of User-Generated Content

Would you like to get great content without doing all of the work? Then get user-generated content (UGC), as it can save you time and effort while getting you the results you desire.

User-generated content creates social proof and a community feel that drives engagement. It’s also more shareable since the person who created the content is more likely to share it with friends who will show it to others, while also mentioning you throughout the process. And while some may knock UGC for not being professional enough, many find it to be the most authentic, honest, and trustworthy content around.

Whether through testimonials, reviews, videos, photos, using new hashtags, etc., get user-generated content and let it work for you.

Consider Voice Search When Creating Content

To increase your site’s visibility and accessibility, make it voice search-friendly. The number of people using voice search to find things in everyday life is growing, so adapting to this movement can yield positive results. 

One of the best ways to create content for voice search is to include plenty of long-tail keywords. Voice search queries are often longer and use a more conversational tone than typed ones. Knowing this, you may want to use more of those aforementioned long-tail keywords and write like people speak.

Set Your Sights on Google Snippets

Writing a 3,000-word blog post is hard. Answering a question in the simplest way possible, on the other hand, isn’t. Do the latter, and you can gain a top spot on Google Featured Snippets that can give you instant authority, credibility, and visibility.

Google Featured Snippet

Google Featured Snippets appear at the top of SERPs for common questions. They allow search engine users to quickly find what they’re looking for without having to dive deep into different pages. If you’re the source of that featured info, you’re highly likely to gain a new follower.

To achieve placement here, look at the People Also Ask and Related Searches sections on Google for topics linked to your expertise. Try to answer those common questions using your content and make the answers clear, concise, and easy to read.

Create Content Based on the Results You Desire

Each content piece should have a goal and result in mind. Do you have a brand new product you want to promote so you can get sales? Research the problem it solves, then list all of the benefits the product provides. And be sure to include a prominent link or call to action to let your readers buy it with ease. 

Are you looking to create a video that goes viral? Research your audience to find out what makes them tick. Make a video around that, then make sure it has a call to action urging them to share it with everyone they know.

To get the results you desire, you’ll need to dig deeper into your target audience and determine what motivates them and what incentives you can use to get them to act. Once you know that and have your end goal in mind, it’ll be a lot easier to create captivating and converting content.

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Focus On Consistency and Quality

Producing frequent content in massive quantities will let your audience know you’re alive and well, but it won’t necessarily motivate them to convert. Instead of creating copious content in various forms across different platforms, just focus on being consistent and providing quality.

For instance, if you know you can only produce one solid blog post per month that’s chock-filled with entertaining and educating info, that’s fine. Stick to that monthly post, but try to publish it on the same date every month, so your followers know when to expect it.

If you know that particular social media platforms don’t fit your brand or personality, stick to the ones that do. And when you do participate by sharing content or engaging with your followers, make sure you give it your all. If you feel like you can’t since it’s too much work, then cut back until you find that sweet spot where you can meet your goals and deliver high-quality content.

Give Podcasting a Try

Even though podcasting has exploded in popularity, it’s still relatively young compared to other more traditional content forms. As such, podcasting may lead to less competition, allowing you to present yourself as an authority and carve out a niche.

Enrique Corrales
Enrique Corrales
Enrique is a writer who specializes in SEO, social media, and web design content.

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