Sunday, September 25, 2022

HTML5 Apps Coming to Brightcove Video Platform

Brightcove is well known in the industry as a YouTube alternative for businesses, and has recently made moves which indicate that it is trying to move into the HTML5 apps platform market. This week the company announced that its App Cloud will be a premium web apps host, and will provide APIs which are designed to fill in the device-specific gaps that many developers believe are present in HTML5.

We are talking about a premium service–at a premium price–developers will be charged fees beginning at $15,000 per year at the point that their apps are live in the market. As Brightcove’s chief marketing officer, Jeff Whatcott, put it in a company blog, “Pure HTML5 web apps cannot appear in app markets like the iTunes App Store or Google Android Market, but these apps can because they have that native wrapper. This wrapper also gives these apps access to native capabilities like the camera, microphone, contact list, or notification system that are off limits to the browser.”

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