Friday, August 19, 2022

HTML Developers Tempted by Barnes and Noble Appcelerator Partnership

The development of Android applications is a fairly economical process for developers, but Barnes and Noble is making it an easier, faster process as well. The company just announced a partnership with Appcelerator, a move that is likely to entice many HTML developers to target the B&N Nook.

The Titanium Mobile IDE is the creation of Appcelerator, and it is targeted towards web developers rather than professional programmers. The cross-platform development software enables developers to create apps which work across multiple platforms and devices. One of the most impressive aspects of Titanium Mobile is that developers are able to use standard web development languages such as PHP, Ruby and good old HTML.

Although developers don’t need to use Titanium in order to get their apps onto the Nook, apps made with Titanium do have the luxury of being fast-tracked onto the Nook app store, which is very enticing to the 200,000 developers who are currently using Titanium.

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