Sunday, September 25, 2022

New Dart Programming Language To Be Released by Google

This October will be important for web developers, as Google is poised to announce a new programming language they have been working on. Google hasn’t released any details about Dart, as the language is called, but developers are eagerly awaiting the announcement at the October GOTO developers conference.

The conference organizers are playing up the annoucement, stating that “The whole world will be on alert when Google presents a new programming language ‘Dart’ in the opening keynote…” All Google will say about Dart is that “one of our tech leads and software engineers will be unveiling more about Dart in early October.”
The Dart programming language is described as being useful for structured web programming. Some have deduced that Dart will be similar to the Node.js JavaScript library, without the deficiencies often noted in JavaScript, perhaps with functionality for both the client and the server.

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