Saturday, December 10, 2022

Will the Google Native Client Foreshadow the Web of the Future

One developer, Chad Austin, believes that Google’s Native Client is the future of the web. As he explains it, the web is the ultimate programming platform that spans many different devices and brings together the world’s largest corporate tech companies. Google’s Native Client, as he sees it, is a way of bringing just about any programming language to the platform, including C++, C and other native languages.

The “native” languages that are supported by Native Client provide access to a machine’s underlying hardware, and Native Client ensures that the native code is run securely within a web browser. This makes it possible for web apps to be able to function much like local applications.

For developers, this means that web apps will suddenly be able to compete with more traditional software, such as 3D games, video editing–pretty much any type of application that is available for the desktop can be created as a web app by using Google Native Client.

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