Will Mobile App Stores' Success (or Failure) Revolve Around HTML5?

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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Apple's App Store reached an impressive milestone earlier this year when its 10 billionth web application was downloaded. But a trend that is beginning to take hold for Android, iPhone and other mobile developers is the use of HTML5 to create applications that resemble native apps--and it may eventually put many app stores out of business.

Developers in the past have had to create iterations of their mobile applications for each device they are targeting--meaning they had to create a version of their app for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and then potentially another one for generic devices running a vanilla browser.

By using HTML5, an application can quickly access apps through the web, on any device, using any browser. The ability to code once and deploy for all is a huge incentive for developers to jump on the HTML5 bandwagon. Apps are typically accessed and utilized more quickly than mobile websites, even with a fast internet connection.

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