Sunday, September 25, 2022

Simple iPad App Publishing via Genwi’s Subscription-based App Tools

A California start-up called Genwi is hoping to make it simple to create apps for the iPad. They just introduced an iPad app publishing system that allows non-programmers to create fully customizable iPad apps–and all the apps will live in the cloud.

By using templates to allow users to begin the app creation process, users are able to build, access and edit the app online. The apps created using Genwi’s tools are full-featured HTML5 apps, so they will not only work on the iPad, but on iOS, Android and standard desktop browsers.

The Genwi platform has already been used to build 1500 apps for Android, iOS and standard web browsers. The tools are subscription-based, and prices begin at $99 per month, which includes building and publishing an Android, iOS and standard HTML5 web app.

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