Web App Templates: Mobile Boilerplate Released

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The folks that brought you HTML5 Boilerplate have announced the release of Mobile Boilerplate version 1.0. Mobile Boilerplate enables developers to correctly display a website's content on various mobile devices and different browsers.

Mobile Boilerplate, or MBP as its developers call it, uses HTML, CSS and JavaScript in conjunction with some web server configuration "fine tuning" using the web server's .htaccess file. The goal of the MBP package is to simplify the development of mobile apps for Android, Blackberry and iOS devices.

MBP isn't a JavaScript framework, although it does work with frameworks including jQuery Mobile and Sencha Touch. Most popular smartphone (Android, iOS, Blackberry, Symbian and IE Mobile 7) browsers are supported, and fallback support is provided for legacy mobile browsers.

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