Vallum Software Announces the Release of Their New SDK Including the Design Disclosure Document and Their New Halo Network Management System

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Vallum Software today announced general availability (GA) of the new Halo Manager SDK, an extensible toolkit suitable for use by professional PHP developers and script-savvy web developers, which expands Halo Manager application functionality for:

  • Creating new monitor widgets
  • Adding new processing facilities, and
  • Allowing rapid development of custom network management functions that facilitate specific business requirements.

The Halo Network Management System, released in June 2014, is a full-featured and ready-to-run web based management system for Windows platforms, incorporating an open source PHP script base of over 50 scripts and 10,000 lines of well-tested and user-accessible code. Halo Manager also incorporates a fully-configured Apache server and PHP interpreter, and GMI agent programs supporting the GMI (General Management Interface) specification.

Using the Halo Manager SDK, programmers can easily alter the navigation system of the Halo Manager Web interface by adding, deleting, or modifying top-level tabs and accompanying side-bar tabs on any screen. Templates for new screens and “Home” screen widgets are furnished with the SDK along with clear and comprehensive documentation on steps required to make these changes. Continue reading the press release here.

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