SEO Experts Keep Their Eye on Google

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Over the last two years, search engine optimization experts have had to contend with a lot of changes at Google. With Google Instant, Places, Google Panda, +1, predictive text, and now Google+, experts are having a hard time keeping up--but being prepared is always best.

Long gone is the day when a website could scrape or cut and paste the content from another site and gain high rankings based on that content. Original content is king, and Google knows if the content is original, or if has been copied from the original website.

The Panda update was all about content, specifically duplicate content. If your site was grabbing headlines and content from another site and using it on your own site, it was penalized. Social media also became much more important with Panda--by having others spread links to your content around via social media, your rankings improved.
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