New Update for Adobe Muse Reduces File Size

By HTMLGoodies Staff

This week Adobe announced that it has updated its new Muse web development software so that it produces HTML, CSS and JavaScript code with a smaller footprint. Adobe stated that this release condenses file sizes by up to 60 percent more than the previous version.

This is the third beta of Muse to be released, and includes over 40 improvements. Adobe's Vice President of Design and Web Product Management, Lea Hickman, said the response from the developer community has been fantastic, and went on to say that "Muse has generated an enthusiastic response from the design community over the past several weeks, resulting in more than 260,000 beta downloads to date. By getting this update in the hands of users and listening to feedback from the design and web communities, we can continue to improve the qualities and capabilities of the product."

Muse, which works through the use of Adobe's AIR runtime, creates HTML5 and JavaScript code, rather than using Adobe's own Flash plugin. Adobe has perhaps seen the writing on the wall for Flash, and has taken the high road and turned to standardized technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript, creating tools that allow developers can use without much of a learning curve.

Read the original article here.

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