Mozilla Announces "Web o' Wonders" Site To Showcase Firefox 4 Features

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Mozilla this week announced the debut of its <A HREF="https://demos.mozilla.org/en-US/" target="_new">"Web o’ Wonders" websute</A> which features demonstrations that showcase the features of Firefox 4. The website includes demos of apps which utilize HTML5 and CSS3, emerging standards which will be supported in Firefox 4.

The release of a demo website for an upcoming browser is not unusual, with both Google and Microsoft also announcing similar websites to showcase their own Chrome and Internet Explorer web browsers. Apple also announced a similar website, but unlike the other efforts, Apple's demonstration site only works in the Safari web browser.

Demonstrations on the Web o' Wonders website will work in any modern browser, but the video segment uses the WebM codec, which only works in Firefox 4, Chrome or Opera.

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