Mobile Game Developers See Big Possibilities With Impact GameDev XDK

By HTMLGoodies Staff

This week appMobi and ImpactJS released their Impact GameDev XDK as a free download from the Google Chrome Web Store. The Impact GameDev XDK enables developers to use a visual toolkit for rapidly developing mobile HTML5 games.

By including HTML5 graphics that are based on appMobi's DirectCanvas and DirectBox2D technologies, the Impact GameDev XDK is able to accelerate the HTML5 canvas element, and the graphics rendering is much faster--in fact, 15 times what it normally would be.

By using the Impact GameDev XDK, developers can create an app once, and publish the app to many different platforms, such as iOS, Android, Facebook, the Google Chrome Web Store, as well as a standard mobile web app.

Read the original article here.

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