Microsoft Releases Expression Web Update with Support for CSS3 and HTML5

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Last week Microsoft released an update for its Expression Web 4 which provides support for HTML5 and CSS3. The update was made available as part of Service Pack 1, and also includes IntelliSense and error checking support as well as expanded support for PHP IntelliSense.

With the new update, developers are able to edit HTML5 in code view and are provided with a standard Microsoft IDE experience. Features include code completion, except for SVG entities. Other limitations include the use of the canvas tag and SVG elements, which are non-functional when in design view.

Support for CSS3 is still a bit lacking. Developers are able to turn on "CSS3 draft mode" but it only provides code view support. CSS3 is not yet supported in design mode, but that may change when Internet Explorer becomes more CSS3 capable. 

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