JetBrains Announces WebStorm 2.0 With Support for HTML5 and More

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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JetBrains this week announced the release of WebStorm 2.0, calling it an "an intelligent code-centric web IDE (Integrated Development Environment)". The tool features a JavaScript/HTML editor, and provides Zen-coding support and DOM-based autocomplete for HTML and CSS.

The project lead at JetBrains, Maxim Mossienko, stated that developers have played a large role in the development of WebStorm, stating that "We work to provide developers with intelligent tools to stay on top of the Web's fast-evolving standards. In this release we focused on adding support for the latest JavaScript specification - ECMAScript 5, HTML 5, LESS and SASS extensions for CSS."

Key changes in this release include support for ECMAScript 5, a JavaScript libraries organizer, better Git integration and the relaxation of NG for XML. A free 30-day eval copy can be downloaded from the JetBrains website.

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