iOS Utility Kit, Codosaurus 1.2, Now Available for Web Developers

By HTMLGoodies Staff

If you are a web developers and you have an iPhone or iPad, you now have a way to work on your website using your iOS device. The new Codosaurus app allows developers to open, create and edit HTML, CSS, PHP, Perl, text files, as well as create directories, move files and folders and otherwise work on a website.

Most developers have had the "opportunity" to work on a website while they are out and about, away from their work computer. If they were lucky enough to have a laptop and network connection around, they may have been able to get the job done. If they had Codosaurus installed on their iOS device, they would have been able to take care of the issue without even leaving their vehicle.  

Codosaurus 1.2 is available for $5.99, and a free "Lite" version is also available for download.

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