Google+ API Still Months Away From Developers' Hands

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Google+ has been open for beta testing for several months now, and developers are chomping at the bit to gain access to the Google+ API, but word from Google is that they will be waiting a while. According to Google, they are working on tools to enable developers to create third-party apps for the social network--and the API won't be out for months.

A Google+ project manager revealed the time frame of "several months" however no further details were revealed. According to Google, at this time, no developer has access to Google+ private APIs. Some hacks and workarounds for accessing some aspects of Google+ are available, including an unofficial API and a Java object for accessing basic data including profile details, friend lists and posts.

Although developers can use the unofficial APIs, they are often cumbersome, and as Google makes changes to Google+, they will tend to stop functioning. The social network was launched in beta form in June, so developers are hoping for a launch by the end of the year.

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