Firefox Extension Firebug 1.9 Takes on Web Development From All Angles

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Web developers have been promoting the Firefox extension called Firebug for quite a while now. This week the folks that create Firebug have announced the latest release--version 1.9 for Firefox 6.0 to 11.0. The most visible improvement is the Firebug user interface, which can now be docked to the side of the Firefox window.

Additional new features include a font viewer for .woff files, the display of tooltip fonts in the CSS panel, which improve the usability of Firebug for designers. Developers will appreciate the new syntax error marking, and information from requests can now be copied to the clipboard in the standard JSON format, which simplifies debugging of anonymous functions, while allowing the displayName property on the function.

Many of the new features included in Firebug provide developers with additional functionality that assists in the debugging of web applications. Among these improvements, a JavaScript debugger, a network analysis tool, and the ability to verify and modify HTML and CSS styling in real-time through the use of the browser.

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