Saturday, July 2, 2022

The Most Cost Effective Apps are Hybrid HTML5, Not Native

Developers have been asking the question for years now–as a business or enterprise developer, should Web apps or native apps be the priority, or should a developer use a combination of both? Which is better? Of course, the answer depends on a variety of factors including the target audience and purpose of the app.

A Forrester report about the native vs. HTML5 debate previously indicated that the debate itself is not as valid as it once was. They used to believe that the solution was to use both native and Web apps but that has recently changed. If the goal is the best user experience, with a focus on performance and the use of device APIs which access device hardware, native is the way to go.

The use of Web apps along with HTML5 and JavaScript is still evolving–the new HTML5 tags for audio and video, along with device access APIs, have drastically improved the functionality of Web apps. Performance is still an issue, as native code will always be faster.

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