Canappi Simplifies iPhone and Android App Development

By HTMLGoodies Staff


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The purpose behind the Canappi mobile application development platform is one that many tools have in common--making it easier for developers to create cross platform mobile apps. Their latest addition to the platform is support for Android apps, with Windows Phone 7 support coming soon.

The founder of Canappi, Jean-Jacques Dubray, says his inspiration was a project he began with his son. He explained the project, and frustration he felt, stating that "My son and I tried to build an application last fall, Wikityo. I could not believe how hard it was to build just a 4-screen app. What could have been a fun 'father-n-son' project turned out to be nearly impossible and very frustrating."

Dubray created his own dedicated programming language called mobile-dsl (mdsl), which is used to generate the native iOS and Android code for an application. The mobile-dsl is easy enough that non-programmers can get the hang of it, and it saves them the time it would have taken to manually code the app via normal programming languages.
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