/daily_news/article.php/417870/The-iPad-is-Changing-The-Way-Web-Apps-Are-Created.htm The iPad is Changing The Way Web Apps Are Created

The iPad is Changing The Way Web Apps Are Created

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The grand opening of Google's Chrome Web Store this week came with a slew of new web apps that utilize HTML5 and JavaScript to create user experiences that make those users wonder if they're using a desktop application. Is the iPad the standardizing concept behind these new apps?

Never mind that Google is promoting these apps to work on their own Chrome browser--they will work on most modern browsers. Just like web apps that work just like native apps on iOS devices, the glue behind them all is the standard technology of the web--HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

If you look at some of the apps that are available in the new Chrome Web Store, you will notice that they look and feel pretty much like their iPad counterparts. Coincidence or trend?

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