Wednesday, June 23, 2021

New Version of Foursquare API Released to Developers

Foursquare today released a new version of its API, and made it available for developers to download and try out. The new release, called APIv2 by Foursquare, was created with a focus on speed, consistency and clarity.

Changes include dropping the API’s previous support for XML, which was said to be done to make the server more responsive, an update to OAuth2 for enhanced security, and new endpoints for grabbing user badges, venue histories and popularity.

The folks at Foursquare spoke about the new API, telling developers that “The foursquare APIv2 gives you access to all of the data used by the Foursquare mobile applications, and, in some cases, even more. Integrate checking in or viewing checkins into your application, build tools to help users use or visualize their own history, experiment with new ways of displaying badges, leverage our uniquely rich information about venues or do things we haven’t even thought of yet.”

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