Some Developers Are Not Fans of HTML5

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Although many believe that HTML5 is the savior of the web, many developers are still dreaming of the way the web would be with a really top notch web development system.

Some have mentioned that adding a few minor additions to a mark-up language, which isn't supposed to be the big deal it's become, already has so many developers tripping all over themselves to join the markup party. Even Microsoft has joined the party to salute HTML5, along with CSS3 and JavaScript, and abandon its own Silverlight engine.

There are many good things to say about HTML5--we finally got a canvas element to handle audio and video, for instance. But we're still stuck with using JavaScript, which isn't the greatest "language" in the world, and isn't very well integrated with either HTML or CSS, and we still can't create custom tags.

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