The iPad and HTML 5 Are the Future of the Web

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The iPad is a different animal. It's similar to a powerful computer, but it doesn't have a separate keyboard or monitor, it powers on instantly, and it doesn't get hot like a laptop. And thus far, HTML 5 is doing a decent job filling in for Adobe's Flash, which isn't supported on iOS devices.

For standard web browsing, the iPad is hard to beat. The iPad's screen is large enough to display most sites at a size that is still easy to view--something that is hard to do with a device that still sits comfortably on the palm. The same touch screen gestures that made you fall in love with the iPhone are there on the iPad as well.

The thing that most people find is that when they are using an iPad, they are not actively thinking about the device itself, but are rather just using it to accomplish whatever task is at hand. Whether a user is playing games, using a utility app, or writing a novel, the iPad is a device that can facilitate the process without becoming the process.

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