/daily_news/article.php/410864/Adobe-Announces-Release-of-Flash-Media-Server-4.htm Adobe Announces Release of Flash Media Server 4

Adobe Announces Release of Flash Media Server 4

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Watching videos is one of the most popular activities online, as proven by YouTube's daily quota of almost two billion downloads. Adobe this week released its Flash Media Server 4, a tool that could potentially be used on enterprise networks.

Features of Media Server 4 include HTTP Dynamic Streaming, IP Multicast and Peer-Assisted Delivery. By using HTTP Dynamic Streaming, companies can store their video files on any available Web cache locations, whether local or on the public Internet.

IDC's Melissa Webster, vice president, content and digital media technologies, believes the enterprise is ready for such a solution. "We are already seeing video in the enterprise becoming an expected, mission-critical part of enterprise communications capabilities. The challenge is making it easy to create, manage and deliver that video with a predictable level of quality."

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