Sunday, September 26, 2021

HTML 5, Microsoft and the Future

Some Twitter posts from former Silverlight Product Manager Scott Barnes have interested developers. Internal debates are raging concerning the future of HTML 5 and the direction that Microsoft will be taking in regards to the emerging standard.

Speaking about HTML 5, Barnes tweeted “Right now there’s a faction war inside Microsoft over HTML5 vs Silverlight. oh and WPF is dead… i mean…it kind of was…but now… funeral.”

WPF, short for Windows Presentation Foundation, is a rich user interface framework that was designed to become the primary GUI API for Windows Vista. That never happened, and as such, Visual Studio 2010 is the primary software that utilizes WPF. Barnes indicated that the debate is over Silverlight versus HTML5. “HTML5 is the replacement for WPF… IE team want to fork the HTML5 spec by bolting on custom windows APi’s via JS/HTML5.”

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