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HTML5 vs. Flash, Apple vs. Adobe and the Future of Web Development

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The fight between Adobe and Apple has been raging for over a year now, with Apple passing proclamations that they would never be adding support for Flash on their devices, and Adobe stating that iPhones and iPads without Flash take away their user's freedoms. Developers are left debating the future of web development, and the debate rolls on.

Apple wants developers to see the future of the web using HTML5, and the latest release of their Safari web browser promises to support a "standards-based" web using that emerging standard. As Apple sees it, "Standards matter. Before standards, every browser had its own play book. With standards, every browser’s on the same page. Great for developers, standards let them create sites that work on all browsers out of the box. Great for the browsing public, they ensure that you enjoy a great experience on every site you visit. And these technologies are free for anyone to use."

The HTML5 specification is still in development, with a final spec not being projected for many years, and many web developers have yet to see what it has to offer over traditional Flash applications. Apple pushes on, however, believing that their consumers will adapt to a new way of doing things, and hoping that developers will do the same.

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