Tweaking Your Wordpress Theme? Here are 10 Tips!

By HTMLGoodies Staff

The Wordpress Content Management System (CMS) is one of the most popular CMSs in the industry, largely because of Wordpress themes. This article discusses the most common things that web developers like to tweak, and shows you how to tweak them!

To start with, create or edit a "child theme," instead of working on your "Parent Theme" itself. It is more difficult to upgrade a theme if it has been modified, so you will want to preserve it before you make any modifications.

  1. Edit Your Theme’s CSS
  2. Display Post Excerpts or Full Content
  3. Create a Custom Page Template
  4. Crafting The Loop: Excluding/Including a Category
  5. Crafting Your Page Navigation the Easy Way
  6. Enabling Menu Management in WordPress 3.0
  7. Create a Simple Conditional Statement
  8. Add Post Thumbnails
  9. Add Something (Anything) to the End of Every Blog Post
  10. Add Google Analytics Tracking Code
This article shows you the details on each of the above tweaks, the code you'll need, and gives you some tips to save you time! Now get tweaking!

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