Mobile Web: Is WAP Still Viable for Web Development in 2010?

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Only a few years ago WAP was one of the few options available for mobile web development, and the limitations it imposed made it unlikely to enthrall all but the most persistent developer. With mobile web applications exploding onto the market for websites everywhere, is WAP a more viable option in 2010?

Research has shown that 80% of all mobile phone users in the United States are using WAP to browse the web, so it is still viable, but does every company need to create an application for each mobile device, or is a WAP site enough since it is essentially platform independent?

Why would you develop five proprietary applications (for the iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian) when you can create one HTML/CSS-based website that will work for all platforms? Probably because there are many companies who have used apps to increase their revenue, such as Pizza Hut, who increased sales by $300,000 after introducing their iPhone app. Still, what do we do with WAP?

If you're developing a new website for mobile users in the US, it may behoove you to create a site that is effective for all platforms, using HTML and CSS. International developers may want to continue to use WAP, while keeping in mind that within a few years it may be time for yet another overhaul.

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