Sunday, September 25, 2022

Mozilla To Incorporate VP8 Codec Into HTML 5 Video

HTML 5 has been a hot topic the last few months, and Google’s announcement last week that it has “open sourced” the VP8 video codec was reason enough for developers to celebrate. This week we learned that Mozilla is trying to incorporate the VP8 codec into the HTML 5 specification as part of the video element.

Mozilla Chief Executive John Lilly commented about VP8, stating that “We’d love for VP8 to be specified in the HTML5 standard. Once it’s in the spec, it can really get better traction from other players.”

The inclusion of VP8 would definitely facilitate the use of the video codec by encouraging browsers and web developers to utilize the new technology. HTML 5’s features enable developers to embed videos into their web pages using the <video> tag, which is as easy as adding an image.

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