appMobi Announces Endorsement of appMobi XDK by Mashery.com

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Recently appMobi announced its appMobi XDK, which provides developers with an enterprise level integrated development environment (IDE) for the creation of cross-platform mobile applications. Today the Mashery, a leading API management and strategy services provider, announced its endorsement of appMobi XDK, which extends hundreds of APIs to appMobi XDK developers.

appMobi's CEO, Dave Kennedy, discussed the announcement and the synergy created through the partnership by the two companies, stating that "The best mobile apps deliver information and content to the user when and where they need it, and Mashery makes it easy to add the power of hundreds of data and content suppliers to your app. By combining appMobi's tools and cloud services with Mashery's managed APIs, we've created a very compelling environment for HTML5 mobile app developers. The combination of the appMobi XDK and Mashery's library of APIs gives developers all the tools needed to build, test, and monetize incredible mobile apps, along with the integrated content and services that drive the ultimate user engagement."

Mashery users can download the appMobi XDK from the Mashery power tools page, (as well as the appMobi website), along with documentation, video tutorials and example mobile applications that show how Mashery APIs can be used along with the appMobi XDK.

Read the original article here.

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