Android Development Now a Joint Intel and Google Venture

By HTMLGoodies Staff

This week it was announced that Intel will be working with Google on the Android OS. Future releases of the Android operating system will be optimized for the Intel Atom processor, which may more than enough reason for smartphone makers to select Atom over the ARM processor.

Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel, discussed the release in a keynote speech, stating that "Over the last few years, Intel has learned a lot of things about smartphone silicon and the Intel design. Our goal here is not easy but it is very simple — we want to make Intel the platform of choice for smartphone ecosystems."

Working together, Intel and Google will make tweaks to the Android operating system from the kernel level up, so that it supports the Atom-based Intel architecture chips. Apple's iPhone currently uses an ARM processor, as do many other popular smartphones, something that Intel has been working to change for the last few years.

Read the original article here.

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