Sunday, September 25, 2022

CSS and HTML Competition CSSOff To Rock Web Development Limits

This week Unmatched Style, a CSS design gallery website, announced its CSSOff, which is a competition geared around HTML and CSS. The company has a unique method of getting a new website design–their site is due to be live on October 20th, and designers who compete will have two weeks to create the code for the site.

A group of judges, quoted by Unmatched Style editor Gene Crawford as being “industry leaders of varying levels”, will judge the completed website markup that is submitted by contestants. Crawford doesn’t see the contest as a cheap way to get a new website design, but rather a way to engage the designer community.

As Crawford put it, “The first CSSOff was done by JD Graffam of Simple Focus a few years ago, and then Chris Coyier did one a year or so ago. I contacted those guys to see if they’d be up for doing one big one and maybe giving it an official home and that’s what we’ve done here. Outside of all that, we all just love HTML, CSS and our community so much that we want to do something where we can all have fun. This seems like a really nice way to express that.”

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