/white_papers/article.php/397246/Making-Sense-of-Mobile-Marketing.htm Making Sense of Mobile Marketing

Making Sense of Mobile Marketing

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Reaching your targeted visitors is the goal of most mobile websites. This whitepaper is designed to help you to understand the tactical opportunities provided by mobile content and create an outreach strategy based on your objectives and audiences.

Bryce Marshall--a noted mobile marketing expert--wrote this whitepaper on mobile marketing. He breaks the discussion down into three focus points:

  • Making Sense of the Mobile Landscape - Marshall defines "mobile marketing" as "marketing interactions with an individual through the technologies found on their mobile device" and describes the various mobile technologies involved in mobile marketing.
  • Making Sense of the Mobile Audience - The various elements of mobile delivery are discussed, including the Mobile Web, Apps and Mobile Ads
  • Making Sense of Mobile Strategy - The strategy involves asking yourself some important, relevant questions that Marshall discusses.

Marshall makes some valid points about mobile media, stating that "In the app universe, there is intense competition for a finite amount of the user’s attention and interaction."

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