/white_papers/article.php/394200/RIA-Rich-Internet-Applications-and-the-Emergence-of-Contextual-Applications.htm RIA (Rich Internet Applications) and the Emergence of Contextual Applications

RIA (Rich Internet Applications) and the Emergence of Contextual Applications

By HTMLGoodies Staff

Adobe recently released a whitepaper which discusses the future of software development and contextual applications. High user expectations have led to the creation of interactive and engaging web experiences through the use of rich internet application (RIA) development and even mobile devices.

As they state in the whitepaper, "The creation of social networks and platform as a service (PaaS) offerings is enabling applications to grow at unprecedented rates by leveraging existing user networks." Adobe discusses the use of internet-enabled devices and how they have opened up new opportunities for developers, allowing them to create new levels of user interaction, as well as a huge potential for business opportunities.

With these emerging technologies, and the challenges they bring, Adobe is focused on enabling their design, development and delivery. They believe that the Flash Platform will be a driving factor in the growth of contextual applications that work across multiple devices. This whitepaper continues the discussion of Adobe's contribution to the new online frontier, looks at the characteristics of contextual applications, business cases, the value of contextual applications for businesses, core technologies, and how the Adobe Platform fits into the package.

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