Friday, March 24, 2023

Zend Leverages Z-Ray Debugging Tools to help Automate PHP app Development

Zend announces Z-Ray can now be used to debug applications built over the WordPress, Drupal and Magento, frameworks built using PHP. It can be used to provide new visibility into Magento Blocks, Events, Handlers and Requests, as well as Drupal Functions, Modules and Blocks and more. Z-Ray empowers developers to create quality applications, giving them ‘application awareness’ from initial coding through final deployment. Developers, with Z-Ray’s X-Ray-like goggles, see how their code is running as they develop it,” said Zeev Suraski, CTO and co-founder, Zend. “Z-Ray’s real-time insight allows for early error detection and correction, resulting in fewer production issues and better application performance in the end.” Continue reading this press release here.

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