Saturday, July 2, 2022

YouTube Mobile Site Uses HTML 5 for iPhone and Android

Joining ranks with other sites that have made the switch, YouTube this week launched a new version of its mobile website. The updated mobile YouTube uses HTML 5 to bring video to iPhone and Android users, and will work with any HTML 5-compliant web browser.

Mobile users can now create playlists, add favorites and show their pleasure, or displeasure, for videos, all using their mobile web browser. YouTube officials claim that the new mobile site provides a significant speed increase over the previous version, and includes “touch-friendly elements.”

The new version is available at and is only accessible using smartphones with HTML 5-compliant browsers. Currently the iPhone and Android are supported, and the Palm Pre will soon be added to the list. YouTube used the latest HTML 5 techniques to create a mobile application that looks and feels like a native app.

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